October 05, 2017

That's A Wrap: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

warning: may contain spoilers

I went into Rapture knowing only one thing, which is that it's described as a "walking simulator", which, to me, means the game will be reasonably short and not very demanding of the player. Sounds like everything else I've played lately, right? In fact, I was reminded of the game's existence after my blogging pal Sarca mentioned it in her Journey entry. I recalled getting the game from my PS+ subscription but, like most of the games I get there, I completely ignored it despite being intrigued by the name.
So upon booting it up, I took a moment to get myself acquainted with the first-person view, thanking my lucky stars that there won't (as far as I know) be any shooting to do. The game really doesn't give you much to work with beyond a short introduction to one or two characters called Kate and Stephen. Given the title of the game, I knew we'd be dealing with an "end of the world" scenario and assumed I was playing as Kate for a while. For the next hour or two, I found myself a little frustrated with the lack of direction - I had literally no idea what I was doing; my objective, how to find things, what to interact with? And at the same time I found myself amused by how much this situation looks like what I'd probably do if I was "left behind"... wander around and explore people's houses and shit. The aimless nature of the game is actually kind of welcoming to a native explorer like me, but I still wish I had some idea what to do. Eventually, I noticed the repeated mention of the observatory, and assumed I needed to head back there. Before I reached it (I went the complete opposite direction, didn't pay much attention to that map on my first spin...) I started to figure out what was going on and how to play the game.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is a 2015 first-person walking sim developed by The Chinese Room with the help of Sony's Santa Monica Studios. It's a story-heavy experience released exclusively for the PS4, until 2016 when it was ported to PC.