June 15, 2017

The E3 Blog: 2017

Every year now, the video game industry breaks into two groups; the first gets very excited for E3, and starts making predictions and wish lists for certain content, the other are nay-sayers who insist E3 is becoming obsolete and is a waste of time. I fall somewhere in between. I'm never really excited for E3 anymore; it's become really difficult to avoid rumors and leaks, so surprises are rare at a convention like this, and the rest is usually a bunch a predictable ports and sequels... I'm often left uncharged at the end. That said, I also think the event serves more than one purpose, and just because we aren't jumping out of our seats in shock and awe, doesn't mean the annual activity is worthless. I quite like this platform for people like me, and I just hope for something truly interesting every year... a new I.P. is always welcome, and perhaps a confirmed released date for something I've been waiting for (although we all know release dates are bullshit these days too). I'm ready for some good information. Here's hopin' at least one of these guys has an ace up their sleeve...

Oh, if you're new here: hi! I'm Lo! Every year I watch each of the major press events at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), America's largest video game and tech convention, and tap out my thoughts in real time here, for the E3 Blog. Thanks for joining me!

I'm already so confused by this schedule. We don't normally start on a Saturday, do we?
Electronic Arts
Booooooo! Boo Patriots! Boo!
Um... so we've officially turned sports games into drama games? I don't know, that could be okay? I still won't play Madden '18: Longshot mode, but it could be okay. Expected August 25, 2017.
EA still hasn't learned to let their games do the talking... this guy has been babbling for a while now and I'm falling asleep. SHOW ME THE GAMES.
Battlefield 1 has taken the world by storm? I don't think I know a single person that plays it. :/ That little cartoon was cute, I can relate to that. Why does this guy need two microphones? Available now. But you already knew that 'cause you're one of the 20 million players that I haven't met.
FIFA '18 COMPETITIOooozzZZzz... Expected September 26, 2017.
Terry Crews is difficult to not like. Believe me, I've tried.
It's been a long time since I've played a Need for Speed game, I sort of fell out with "car" games a few years ago, I just don't have enough interest or time for racing games any more. But it's still around, so obviously someone is playing it. I hope NFS: Payback delivers for those people. Looks decent. Expected November 07, 2017.
I'm actually playing Brothers right now... you have my attention, EA. A Way Out looks pretty cool,  but I feel like its success is gonna rest a lot on who you play with. Another marriage test game! Conceptually, it's awesome. I'm glad someone out there is thinking about co-op again. It looks pretty good, too, definitely different from Brothers. Expected 2018.
I feel like EA has too many small divisions that don't truly contribute much to the industry. Maybe if they cut down on all this weird crap (SEED) and focused on making a supporting great games, they'd have more interesting E3 conferences each year.
Ah. Mass Effect Andromeda tanked, so Bioware is finally going to move on, yeah? Anthem looks like... Pacific Rim, or something. We'll see tomorrow, I guess. Expected Fall 2018.
And we're back to the sports games with NBA Live '18. Oh, but this guy got the memo, and wants to show us rather than rattle on for an hour. Good. Wait - no. Not really. I don't play sports games. Expected... probably soon. ish.
Man... there was a time when you could really excite me with that Imperial March, but I'm so Star Wars-ed out these days. Nevertheless, it's good to hear that EA took all the loud feedback from Battlefront seriously and genuinely tried to improve with Battlefront II. The addition of a competent offline mode actually adds to the likelihood that I may try this out one day, or at least hesitate less, but I'm still exhausted by the Star Wars universe. Expected November 17, 2017.

In summary: pretty much what I expected from EA. They seemed to focus on a few heavy hitters rather than weighing down their conference with dozens of things no one cares about, that's good. The sports titles don't mean anything to me but I know some people swear by them, so at least they were included. I'm glad EA kept their show pretty brief, give or take the massive Star Wars demo at the end - which, again, I don't really care for, but someone does. It was a good show for EA... the only thing that really caught my interest was A Way Out, and I'm interested to see how Longshot mode does.

Alright, time to saddle up for the first big show of the year... let's see if Xbox can tread water.
So it looks like they're kicking it off with the new console (Scorpio?) and as per usual they've given it a ridiculous name.
"I'll have an Xbox One X, please, good sir."
It's great that we have this all-powerful console, but honestly, how many Xboxes does it take to screw in a lightbulb? There's three of them now and I still don't own one. How 'bout make some games worth playing, then try to sell consoles, Microsoft? Launches November 07, 2017.
It's Forza time! Again with the car games, so I don't have much to say here. That is one... old fashioned? looking Porsche. Not in a bad way. I giggle to myself thinking how hard someone worked to secure this debut for E3... Nice that they chose women for this demonstration. I'd rather drive that car than play Forza Motorsport 7, though. Expected October 03, 2017.
That is a large rat. Metro games have been one of the few modern FPSs that actually impress me. I've been meaning to give them a full play at some point but, ah, you know me. Metro Exodus has this weird, sorta, Fallout feel to it. It doesn't look quite like I remember Metro looking and yet it didn't take me long to realize that's what this was. This definitely isn't on my must have list for now, but I guess I'm glad to see they're still making Metro games. They don't seem to get a ton of attention, but this would suggest people are playing them. Cool. Expected 2018.
I've always been intrigued by Ancient Egyptian history but... oh god, this isn't an Assassin's Creed game, is it? Aw, for fuck's sake. Assassin's Creed Origins. Give up already! Expected October 27, 2017.
I've seen a person or two on my twitter chattering about Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Had no idea what it was. Now I do, and I guess it's coming to Xbox! Expected late 2017.
Deep Rock Galactic. Okay. Expected some day.
State of Decay 2 just looks like a Last of Us knock off with more people (saying that as someone who's played TLOU but not State of Decay). Much like Star Wars, I'm all zombied out for the time being, so this just doesn't appeal to me. Expected Spring 2018.
Um. So the Darwin Project is like that kids movie that ripped off Battle Royale? Uh... the Hunger Games. That's the one. Even kinda looks like a kiddie game despite them trying to sell it like an Overwatch competitor. I'll pass, thanks. Expected 2018.
I guess it wouldn't be a Microsoft presser without Minecraft. Still don't play Minecraft. New update this Fall, 2017.
The world can never have enough Dragonball, can it? I don't think I need another fighting game in my life, although it would be fun to play as Vegeta and actually win... Dragonball Fighter Z looks pretty good, and I can't get over the Japanese voice acting!😂Expected early 2018.
I'm trying to figure out what this teaser is for... it started off looking like early Fable games, then turned into a sloppy Japanese hack n' slash, then evolved into a Shadow of the Colossus knock off... what the crap. Black Desert, an MMO. Figures. Wouldn't play it anyway. Expected 2018.
I don't know what the hell the Last Night is... other than colorful. It's definitely colorful. Expected some day, over the rainbow.
Y'know what I really wanna see? Fucking Cuphead. Where is Cuphead?! No I don't wanna see Buddy Holly's Acid Trip Adventure (a.k.a. the Artful Escape)... CUP. HEAD.
Well, their lineup of games is starting to look a tad more diverse with additions like Code Vein, but it's still not CUPHEAD. Expected 2018.
I still don't really care about Sea of Thieves either. Cute humor, but I feel like it's been in development for a million years. Y'know what else has been in development for a million years? CUPHEAD. Expected in another million years. Or 2017.
Super Lucky's Tale looks cute. Not Cuphead cute, but cute enough to play. Getting mad Sonic vibes from it, or, more accurately, Tails vibes. Stupid name, though. Expected November 07, 2017.
FUCKING FINALLY. Cuphead! Still mad excited to see how this game handles. Like, I may actually buy the machine just to play this game. Or borrow one. Or something. Expected fucking finally September 29, 2017.
Terry Crews is back. Crackdown 3 doesn't look like anything special, but the design is cool. Can I play as Terry Crews? 'Cause I might try that. Expected November 07, 2017.
Queue annual ID@Xbox reel. Some good-lookin' stuff in there, some, not so much. As per usual, I'm not going to pay too much attention to it since I'm not really an Xbox gamer.
Not gonna lie to you, I didn't even really watch the trailer for Ashen 'cause I was busy eating ice cream and checking out the rest of the E3 schedule... my bad.
What's Square been up to?! Smoking teenagers. Great. Life is Strange: Before the Storm looks... not Square, actually. I still haven't played the first one, though it has been recommended to me (and is currently sitting on my PS4, awaiting trial) so I'll withhold judgement until further notice, but I can't say I follow, based on that teaser. Expected August 31, 2017 (episodic).
Man, there is a lot of content this year.
Did anyone else get Warcraft vibes from that Shadow of War demo? Didn't have much interest in Shadow of Mordor, still don't, don't particularly care about this one either. I didn't hear a lot of great feedback from the last either, so, not sure what to tell ya here... Expected October 10, 2017.
Oh, yeah yeah yeah! I remember this. Ori and the Blind Forest was one of the few exclusives to make the cut on my original Xbone Wish List. Ori and the Will of the Wisps looks beautiful, too. Will add that. Release window TBA.
Heeeey, they're finally gonna make original Xbox games backwards compatible! That's an interesting (and probably good) move. As it stands, the only time I really whip out the O.G. box is for Fable. They're headed towards a point where you won't need previous Xbox consoles, huh?
Nearly over, they reiterate that Xbox One X will roll out November 07, 2017 for $499. We'll see about that...
And finally, a proper look at Anthem, which uh... um... ah... I don't even know how to describe my face to you right now...? It's like a mix of "WTF?" and... "wtf." I don't know. It seems like Bioware is always more focused on combat that anything else, and I don't think that works too well. We'll see how this develops over time, but I'm not... excited. Expected Fall 2018.

In summary: the one thing I like about Xbox's conferences is they're as clear as they can be about release dates. It's very helpful when you're trying to blog in real time. Anyway, I'm glad they focused a lot of games this year instead of devoting 45 minutes to the damn hardware crap. I'm stoked about Cuphead, obviously; Ori looks good; Super Lucky's Tale is cute; Dragonball Fighter Z and Metro Exodus could be interesting. But mostly Cuphead. There may or may not be an Xbone in my future.

Good to see Bethesda is an official regular at E3. Let's see what series they revive this year (Wolfenstein. Obv.).
How many intros are we going to have to sit through? Heeey, Pete Hines is usually fun. "...games you've already played, like Doom!"
Me: *looks at Doom on shelf* Fuck.
Oh. And then they go and insult me with Doom VFR. Expected 2017.
And of course Fallout 4 VR. We knew that was happening. Love Fallout soundtracks! Expected 2017.
Ah, so they're booting up Morrowind within Elder Scrolls Online. That's curious. I'm pretty behind on my ES games, and don't really intend to play Online, but Morrowind was fucking cool, so people should enjoy that. And it's available now!
Mods and the like don't really matter to me personally, but I think core Bethesda fans will really enjoy Creation Club.
Again with this Elder Scrolls Legends crap? Does anyone care? This is old news. New Skyrim update this month. Blah blah blah. Move on!
Skyrim on Nintendo Switch... Expected... well you can preorder it.
...apparently this section is going to be point form. Bethesda is using this weird, animated museum video to skip through their content and it's... quick, which I appreciate, but not terribly enthralling.
I was gonna say, this looks like Dishonored meets some sort of Resident Evil, but I guess it's just Dishonored DLC? Death of the OutsiderExpected September 15, 2017.
It's Quake time! World Championship at QuakeCon this year, and a buncha stuff about pro gamers and e-sports. Neat.
I feel like the Evil Within 2 trailer was really sexy but I learned absolutely nothing from it. Doesn't help that I didn't play the first one. Expected  October 13, 2017. OooOOooOOoohhh...
I love Bethesda's use of old time-y motifs, not just for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus - which look absolutely fucking bananas (edit: for the record, I typed this before Pete said it), by the way - but for Fallout and presentations in general. Makes it a little more entertaining for us old folks. This new Wolfenstein looks... massive. Like, I'm not sure I'd have the patience to get through it massive, but super cool. We'll see how I go. Expected October 27, 2017.

In Summary: kinda... bland, but short and sweet and to the point, anyhow. Nothing really for me here, expect maybe Wolfy 2, but I appreciate the consistency in Bethesda's work. They've been busy these last few years, so I can't say I was expecting any major players this year, although they did say that everything they showed would be available this year!

Devolver Digital
These are newcomers this year, yeah?
...what the fuck am I looking at?
No. I can't watch this.
No seriously, my battery is dying, I can't watch this.
- the next day -
Okay, I'll try again, but I should clarify that I'm not terribly familiar with Devolver, and I don't think I've played a single game they've published. It seems to me their ethics? and games just aren't up my alley. I mean, I appreciate a sense of humor more than most, but jesus they are out of place here.
But. So many people seem to love them, so I'm gonna give them a shot.

Okay, so there's Ruiner, which looks cool in every way that a game can look cool;
and there's something about Serious Sam's Bogus Detour. Gee, that sounds familiar. It actually looks pretty cute, but super crowded. Don't think I'd have the patience for this one.

In summary: my head hurts. This was a complete waste of time. Let's not do this next year, E3.

Wait, no crazy amazon lady? Well this is different. This is VERY different. Like, Miyamoto different. I think Miyamoto's dream job is super model... he loves to pose.
So Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, huh? Can't say I'm really stoked about this, as neither of these worlds mean much to me, but it's nice to see Nintendo loosening the fuck up a bit and having fun with others again. And I do like tactics games. Why are they chasing that robot vacuum? Expected August 29, 2017.
Once again with Assassin's Creed Origins. Love this guy's passion for his game, but I don't share it. See previous entry. Expected October 27, 2017.
The Crew 2, a.k.a. Red Bull Everything. Expected early 2018.
YES! I SPY SOUTH PARK: THE FRACTURED BUT WHOLE. Teehee. I've been waiting a long time for this one. It looks positively hysterical! Timmy!! Strange that it's been put off for a whole year, but whatever, I'll be happy to own it whenever it's ready. Expected October 17, 2017.
Well that was a flashy promo for Transference. Still not sure what it is, but it sounds like it's gonna be VR. Could be interesting. Expected Spring 2018.
I heard 'pirates'. I like pirates. Skull & Bones, huh? This definitely just looks like a Pirates of the Caribbean movie... like, shot for shot. Could be good? I'll keep my eye on it. I'd definitely rather play this than Assassin's Creed, methinks. Expected Fall 2018.
Ugh... we almost made it through without a dance act... blah blah blah Just Dance 6692, probably already out (October).
This sounds like more South Park? IT IS MORE SOUTH PARK! I really hope FBW wasn't delayed just so they could make a freaking mobile game... She says as if she's not totally downloading Phone Destroyer when it comes out later this year...
So, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is like Skylanders meets Lego for grown ups? Wait. Statement redacted, Lego is totally for grown ups. Um. I don't know? This looks cool, but I don't see myself using little amiibo toys to build my ship during the game and stuff. Maybe this one's for the young folks... Expected Fall 2018.
Still don't have any interest in Steep. You can't even pay me to watch the real Olympics! Pass. Available now.
Far Cry 5. There's no mistaking Far Cry's style and attitude, even though I haven't played them. Not sure if I will, honestly, not because I think they're bad, I just don't have a lot of space in my collection for games I'm not sure about. I have 3 and 4, I think, but I haven't found the time for either. I remember FC4 looking bloody phenomenal when it premiered though! Seems to be consistent, if too frequent? Expected February 27, 2018.
And this must be the Beyond Good & Evil 2 reveal we've been waiting for for a million years. I wasn't the biggest fan of BGnE but I didn't hate it, either. I remember the rumors of a sequel surfacing a while back, but I'm not sure what to make of this. It looks neither like the first, nor does it look like my bag, so it's probably not for me. Music sounds the same! And it does look fucking pretty... Expected when I get my hovercraft working.

In summary: this may have been Ubi's best show in years. They really cut the crap - including the controversial host - and got to the point, and there were many good points to get to this year. Of course I'm stoked for all things South Park, and Skull & Bones has my attention. Not much else for me this show but that's okay! Two is a good pay day for me and I'm glad to see Ubi doing good consistent work, and improving their E3 presser, big time. Good show, Ubisoft!

Surely this will be the big one for me?
That is a citar. Evidently we're beginning with another live performance this year.
Sound problems.
Well, you know me: Naughty Dog's biggest fan. Uncharted: the Lost Legacy is certainly in my future. Expected August 22, 2017.
Guerrilla has already made something new?! Ah. I was gonna say... I guess this is gonna be the year of DLC and stuff for Sony, huh? I guess if I enjoy Horizon: Zero Dawn, I'll pick up The Frozen Wilds, too. Expected 2017.
Ah, finally some word of Days Gone. And they finally fixed the sound! This one caught my eye an E3 or two ago... mostly because of the bikes, but hell. It should be good, it looks exactly like a Naughty Dog game! Some of the dialogue is lame, though. Expected December 29, 2017.
You guys, I am looking at dinosaurs. Shawn Layden's motherfucking dinosaurs. Oh, it's Monster Hunter World. Hahahaha! Yeah, I tried a Mon Hunt game a ways back and just didn't really get into it. But I know a handful of people that'll have a ball with this! Expected Early 2018.

Wait a minute. Wai- Wait a minute! Wait. Wait a god forsaken minute! Is this a Shadow of the Colossus remake?!?! WHAT?! What. Whaaaaaaaaa... I'm gonna need a minute...

Kay, but seriously? Holy fuck. SotC remake. Wow. Expected Early 2018. What. Ah!

Okay, what fresh hell is this? More Marvel Vs. Capcom (Infinite)? I mean, it looks bad, it sounds bad, I don't play these games, moving on... Expected September 19, 2017.
Huh? What? Call of Whatnow? I'm sorry I was too busy playing games on my iPad 'cause I'm BORED TO TEARS OVER HERE. Step up your game Sony! Yet another Call of Duty (WWII) on November 03, 2017.
Skyrim VR looks like a really bad wizard game.
Star Child is a goofy looking VR game. Can't decide if that's good or bad.
The Impatient is cool and creepy. I'm getting pretty bored with the lack of actual information here, though. This conference has been nothing but trailer after trailer. I like the emphasis on games, but I'm not actually learning anything. I'm going to forget about all these games in about 42 seconds.
What in the blue-green fuck is this? Final Fantasy Fishing?! For fuck's sake!
Bravo Team. Nothing to say.
Moss. Nothing to say.
Well I guess the good news is, there's lots of stuff for VR now. Of course they didn't include any release dates...
Hey, Dad of War is back! Looks good! Even though I hate kids. Expected Early 2018.
Ah, I've been waiting on an update for Detroit: Become Human, too! It looks a lot different than before. I'm a little discouraged, actually, seems a lot less straight forward and I'm quite a bit less interested now. Is it gonna be episodic or like, character chapters? Hm. And of course there no release date. Dammit, Sony!
These random shots of the completely uninterested audience are extremely unnecessary.
Bungie and Activision... this will be Destiny 2, right? Still don't really care, but look! A release date! Expected September 06, 2017.
Christ, what are they doing in that theater? Oh, right. Spider-man! Superhero games are seldom my jam, but this does look quite polished and well acted. Expected 2018.

In summary: well that was disappointing. Littered with technical difficulties and little to no tangible information. The cinematic experience is nice but it gets old fast and I don't feel like I'm taking much away from this conference. I hope next year Sony focuses less on the useless personal experience and spends more time conveying useful information. Nevertheless, I'm ready for more Uncharted (even if it's Drake-less), Days Gone and Dad of War (yes, I'm sticking with that) and I can't believe we're getting a Shadow of the Colossus remake! I hate remakes but I'm literally stunned by this news. (In case it's not clear: I fucking love the fucking fuck out of SotC.) Other than that I was pretty much bored to tears, which is a shame 'cause Sony's show is usually the only one that doesn't put me to sleep, and this year was the other way around. I guess that's a good thing though, in a strange way.

As per usual, Nintendo opted out of a traditional conference and just hocked together everything they wanted to share into a "Nintendo Spotlight". I haven't been spending much time with Nintendo as of late... my life has been all Playstation for the last year or so, but I do wanna spend some more quality time with my 3DS. Hopefully they have something good for me!
I still don't like Reggie.
I would be much more excited for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 if I wasn't technically like 40 games behind (okay, not technical) in the Xeno series. Not a fan of this voice acting. The game looks nice though. Kinda... pulled back, in a way, but very Nintendo. Expected Holiday 2017.
How did I know this was gonna be a Kirby thing right from the get go? Kirby is another Nintendo staple that I've just not paid much mind to in the last decade or two, can't help but feel like this will follow suit. Expected 2018.
Zero fucks to give about Pokken Tournament DX, or any Pokemon fighting game, really. Expected September 22, 2017.
Did I hear that right? They're finally making a full Pokemon game for Switch? Sounds like they're sweeping it under the rug to focus on more current titles. Fair enough.
Ahhh... it's about damn time. Prime fans will no doubt lose their shit over Metroid Prime 4. Not the Metroid I'd want, personally, and I've sort of given up on Metroid's future, but this is a nice gesture.
Expected... not for a while, honestly.
And of course we're getting more Yoshi. Can't have a Nintendo system without him. This game look super juvenile, and Mario universe games aren't that special to me anyhow. I know lots of people that will enjoy it though. Expected 2018.
Ehh... you had me at Fire Emblem, and lost me at Warriors, so Fire Emblem Warriors is probably a pass for me. God, I hate this voice acting. Expected Fall 2017.
I still haven't even opened my 360 copy Skyrim, so I'm probably not gonna play it on Switch. Cool Zelda swag, though. Expected Holiday 2017.
Conversely, I have yet to play Skyward Sword, much less Breath of the Wild, so DLC is not even on my radar right now. Expected June 30, 2017 (Pack 1) and Holiday 2017 (Pack 2).
Don't care for Amiibo, either, but these are cool figures!
I don't plan on falling for Splatoon 2 anytime soon, but it would be cool to compete at E3 some day... This competition series looks like a substitute for the Nintendo World Championship. It's a nice alternative, but after seeing what they pulled off laaaaast year? the year before? I just really want the NWC to be a thing every year.
I've already spoken about Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom BattleExpected August 29, 2017.
I've never dabbled in Rocket League, and frankly, I don't intend to, so its Switch release means little to me. Expected Holiday 2017.
The dinosaurs are back. I'm sensing a theme to this year's E3... Oh wait! I see that. This must me Mario Odyssey. Why is he a dinosaur?!😂  Bowser looks like a pimp! I feel like a lot of people are gonna clock a lot of hours in this game just warging into as many things/people as possible. I found Carmen Sandiego! Once again, Mario games don't excite me that much but I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate this trailer. Expected October 27, 2017.

In Summary: well... another bland year for me, but I know a lot of people will be happy about that Metroid Prime 4 announcement. It was a clear and concise presentation, I just don't like to see E3 deteriorating into "all over the map" stuff like this.
Oh, hang on a minute... I just popped over to Nintendo's Youtube channel and there's a couple o' gems here! Sonic Forces looks... not terrible, actually. Doesn't mean I'm going to play it though. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga... that sounds familiar. Is this a port or remake? Fate/Extella... why is her tail bigger than her? Samus Returns! Well there's the 3DS game I asked for, huh? Erm... maybe. I don't actually like the look of it so far. :\

Gosh... I am exhausted. This was a very strange year for E3. Bethesda and Sony tanked, while Ubi and Micro did well... am I in backwards land? Honestly I have to hand it to Ubisoft, they really cleaned up this year and it paid off.
I'm glad that we didn't get a total repeat of last year, which was basically a total repeat of the year before that. E3 seems to be changing a little every year, in good ways and bad. I'm hoping the lack of exciting content this year means next year will be off the hook!
Regardless, I'm intrigued by A Way Out, Dragonball Fighter Z and maybe the new Metro; I'm stoked we finally got a release date for Cuphead and South Park; I'll keep my ear to the sea for Skull & Bones; Uncharted and Dad of War look cool; I got my update on Detroit and Days Gone; and I'm ready to start Horizon any day now. Also, on behalf of the entire internet: HOLY FUCK METROID FINALLY, and on behalf of myself: WHATHEFUCKSHADOWOFTHECOLOSSUSWHATYEARISTHIS?!

How 'bout you? What did you like or not like about E3 2017? Let me hear from you!


  1. I only watched the Microsoft conference and just read recaps of the others. Microsoft showed off a good dozen games that I am looking forward to. Ori, State of Decay 2, Cuphead and Tacoma are way up there. I wasn't initially interested in Crackdown but I don't know if I can resist Mr. Crews. Super Lucky Tail looks cute and I may check out the 3rd Metro if I get around to playing the 2nd one first.

    The game that stole the show for me was Wolfenstein. That trailer was great (the one for The New Order was great too), and I loved the first game. I am going to shoot so many Nazis.

    State of Decay isn't much like The Last of Us (other than zombies). There is an action, zombie-fighting component, but there's also a big base-building and resource management component. You go out to look for supplies and you can find other survivors to live in your camp (plus you can find new bases when you have too many people). Sometimes survivors might not get along, some might have needs which send you on more quests, you need to keep everyone fed and healthy. And, if the character you're playing dies, you just play another one. I actually restarted this game 3 times because I got attached to the character I played and refused to let him stay dead. If you're sick of zombies, you're sick of zombies, but it is quite different than the usual zombie stab fest.

    1. Oh, that Mr. Crews...

      Wolfenstein was impressive, but I'm so behind in Bethesda games that I just don't really see it in my immediate future, but I'm glad they're doing such great, consistent stuff though.

      I suppose if I stumble across State of Decay some day, I'll try to give it a shot, I just feel like there's a lot of zombie games these days and they don't vary much in purpose, so I'm a little turned off. But duly noted! I'll let you know how it goes if I ever get to spend some time with it!

  2. This was the first year I actually watched all the conferences this year, due to all the games we've gotten in 2017 being special and I was hoping to see everyone ride that wave.
    Xbox delivered games: granted nearly all of them was some twist on the ol' shooty-bang and all the interesting stuff was in that brief sizzle reel. And it goes without saying that none of them are worth plunking down 500 dollars for an upgraded console.

    Bethesda got a lot of shit for its VR, but considering that Doom is one of the better games I played the past two years. Same for Wolfenstein II and Evil Within II. I never mind sequels if the previous games were amazing.

    Ubisoft had a way more solid conference than it gets credit for. They didn't even let Assassin's Creed/Far Cry 5 take up the time and showed the new hotness, especially Mario x Rabbids x XCOM, which will be way doper than people think.

    Sony just Sony'd, where they gambled on hype and all they have for the rest of the year is a glorified Uncharted expansion pack and DLC from the only PS4 game i might get a PS4 for.

    Nintendo didn't surprise me a lot because they didn't have to. The Switch is by far my favorite console and they didn't have to drown users in so much content, even though the content is coming. ARMS, BOTW DLC, Splatoon 2, Mario x Rabbids, Fifa, Pokken Tournament, NBA 2K18, Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, Rocket League. They're going out of 2017 well and set up for 2018 well.

    E3 2017 had decent announcements, but short on stuff you'd actually want this year (unless you're a Switch owner)

    1. I'm not particularly excited for the new "all-powerful" Xbox, I imaging the little one would suit me just fine. I'm giving Bethesda a pass this year, they've been busting their asses for a while now, and I don't expect them to make Doom happen every year. And I don't have VR so I have no idea how those will pan out but I'm sure they'll be fun!

      It sounds like we're largely on the same page regarding this year, except that I don't have or even really want a Switch yet, but it's good to see Nintendo give a console a proper kickoff.

  3. This was a fun ride! A little late to the blog but you echo many of our sentiments as well! Great write up.

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