February 02, 2017

Game Binge - Episode Five [PS4 Edition]

In a strange turn of events, I found myself with a small scraping of free time (and also Chinese food!) and thought it was time to clear off the accumulated demos and try out some of my digital purchases on the PS4. It's not quite the caliber I'm accustomed to here on ATSG, but here's a small episode of the few things I was able to check out! Let me know if you've played these!
I was supposed to play the original Nier with the Cartridge Club back in February 2016, buuuuuuuut I decided to die instead, so I'm going into this with very little knowledge or expectations.
First thoughts: holy crap did this take long to download. Oh. The game. Yeah...
I'm digging the technology motif. Platinum's patented attitude problem comes through as soon as the difficulty select screen. Love that.
I'd be lying if I said I had any idea what the hell I'm doing. This combat sequence seemed to move so fast, and with my little companion constantly firing, I couldn't always be sure what I was actually contributing to the battle. I'm definitely getting some Bayonetta vibes from the combat and movement though, and it's very smooth and sort of... predictable, in a good way, I think. However with these constantly changing camera angles and the consistent scenery, I think I got lost and started going backwards. I really can't be sure because everything looked the same and I was still getting little pep talks from my secret admirer. Not entirely sure I'm sold on this game... yet.

Unlike Nier, I happen to be something of a 'Tales of' professional, even though I'm slacking hard on the keep up with the series (I have yet to play Zestiria). Nevertheless, I knew what to expect with this one and I can't believe it's nearing release already (update: it's out now)! Tales is becoming a yearly-ish release series... ew...
Anyway, first thoughts: thank god for Japanese dialogue! Not sure how I feel about this subtitle method. Voice acting is 50/50. More action buttons in battle?!
In regards to writing, humor, artes, tunes, character diversity, exploration and skits: same ol' Tales. Couldn't ask for anything more.
I can't quite decide how I feel about the appearance of the game... my first thought was "better than Xillia, not as a good as Vesperia." It's a solid Tales game, for sure, but I notice this weird glow-y effect they like to use, which is a touch on the annoying side...
I don't care for how small the status bars are during battle either. I'm getting old, BanNam, blow that shit up!
I find it always takes me a little while to warm up to a Tales game. I often joke that if I go too long without playing one, I'll forget how. All of Berseria's mechanics feel familiar, but I think there's more to be explored there.
All in all, I'm super excited for Berseria! I may have to make this my birthday gift to myself!

...or play Zestiria...

The Cartridge Club has magical powers - and its members know it - so no one was surprised when
this remaster popped up during the game's month of honor. I wasn't able to join in on the rhythm fun because I've never owned a Parappa game... sad face... but after this demo showed up I decided to give that a shot to see what all the fuss is about!
First thoughts: HAHAHAHAHA. LAME!
I think you have to let yourself sink back to the corny cartoons of the 90's to appreciate the style of this game. Or be trippin' balls.
The songs in the game are absolutely absurd in the best possible way. The controls are exceptionally easy, although you do require a sense of rhythm and detection to be successful. The demo didn't offer too much, but I seemed to do okay... stayed in the 'good' to 'cool' range for the length of it. It was pretty much what I expected, but I think I would like the give the full game a shot someday.

I remember this being one of the earliest, and more popular titles for PS4. If you'll recall, I was very late to the PS4 party so I didn't get the game for free like the early adopters. I'm okay with that! But when the game popped up on sale a few months ago I reached out for some feedback on twitter and concluded it was worth the few bucks it asked. Now I finally get to try it out!
First thoughts: very clean, precise menu. I chose 'rookie' mode because I have absolutely no idea what I'm getting into. "THROW HUMAN," huh? I like the sound of this...
Well then. This is something of a blast from the past, isn't it? I had to swap up the controls immediately, 'cause they just completely went against my instincts. After that I found myself in a fit of 1989-esque arcade anxiety, mashing buttons while trying to figure out what the hell was going on. This seems to be a very fast paced game, which isn't a bad thing, but I'm going to have to come back when I have the energy and patience to really give it a attention it deserves.

I don't remember where or by way of whom I first saw screen shots of Axiom Verge, but I remember being blown away by its beauty and familiarity. I couldn't wait to try it out myself... oh wait, yes I could.
But when my pal Mighty Q pointed out it was on sale a few weeks back, I decided it was time to pull the trigger, and finally made use of my trusty PS app.
First thoughts: holy soundtrack, Batman.
So basically... I'm in love with pretty much everything about this game so far. It makes a helluva first impression! This soundtrack is to die for; the graphics are old, pixel style, but it's quite polished; the controls are amazingly smooth and simple and the game plays much like Metroid. I can't get enough! This will be getting a full playthrough (and, hopefully, corresponding article) in the future!

I remember this being introduced at E3 a few years ago, and thought it looked like a beautiful lesson in history. It's been on my to do list ever since. I enjoy history. And dogs.
First thoughts: art! Art art art art art! Also Karl is beefy. But seriously, the way this game incorporates still art so flawlessly into the game is making my heart sing!
So I definitely wasn't wrong about this being a legitimate history lesson, with these fact sheets popping up and the general story telling. It means the pace of the game is probably going to be a bit slow - especially for snail-pace readers like me - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, if the game plays its cards right.
Y'know, for an old guy, I'm pretty good at this shit! Oh, and you get to collect items, I see.
I don't think I care for the voice acting, as of yet, anyway, and I'm a little concerned about the building of the controls, assuming they do, but all in all I'm pretty inspired! Is it weird that I'm definitely excited to revisit history class the most? Could you imagine if we used video games to teach kids history, rather than text books? Oooooooooh...

I don't actually know anything about Furi except for that for about 3 days, no one on twitter would shut up about it.
First thoughts: all neon everything! Also cool tunes.
Well this is rather intense. Certainly reminds me of some old Japanese shows. The graphics style is... different. Not sure I like it, honestly. Kind of hard to read (although I'm old as shit, so there's that to consider).
Can I seriously not jump? Why are these controls so strange?
Wow I suck a parrying.
Yeah, I don't know about this, guys. This is the most random pile of controls I've ever seen in my life and I'm finding it unnaturally difficult to line things up and dodge. If this is all this game is, I don't think it's in my future... I've never wished for a game over so fast in my life. Hard pass.

Much like my time, this list is cut short by slightly more important things I wish didn't exist, but alas, there is my experience with a few of these PS4 titles. Shoot me some of your favorite PS4 titles so I can reload my PS4!


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on soooo much by not having a PS4 or XBone and playing modern games, But my current lifestyle just doesn't allow the time, hence the focus on the much easier and shorter retro games. Maybe one day I'll have the time or interest to delve into the modern scene, but for now I'll just enjoy living vicariously through your wonderful blogs and the rest of the club.

    1. Someday, I will haul my PS4 all the way to Maryland, and you will play Axiom Verge. And you will love it.

      Actually I think you can get it on WiiU. So we'll play other stuff!🙂

  2. Yeah Duke, get Axiom Verge on WiiU!