February 16, 2017

8-Bit Minute: Xbox One Wish List

There's been an awful lot of 'PS4' on ATSG lately, so I thought we'd mix things up a bit and have a look at the one last, lonely, remaining console on my to do list: The Xbox One.

The "Xbone" has been on an endless roller coaster since its debut at E3, where it took one very long, steep fall to the bottom of not only the coaster track, but my wish list, too. It's the only 8th generation competitor that I have yet to dabble in.
The Xbone got off to a really rough start with its initial operational policies, and even though they rectified many of their horrible decisions - for which I give them credit. Never have I seen a game-related manufacturer respond to user feedback so quickly - it seems a lot of people still just don't love their Xbones. A lot of people, once very excited to bring home their console, have confided in me that the system has a number of less than stellar features, requires a lot of updates and just doesn't run as well as anyone hoped.
But Microsoft's questionable juggling act isn't the only reason a lot of players aren't excited about the system... there just really aren't a lot of games.

If you're one of Xbox's patented FPS gamers, then sure, there's plenty of Halo and junk for you, but the Xbone's diversity is lacking. Hard. They recently came under a lot of criticism after canceling the much anticipated Scalebound, not only because people love Platinum games, but because it was set to add some much needed variety to the Xbone's roster. Personally, I never really liked the look of Scalebound, but I can't deny that the system desperately needed it.
For a RPGer like me, there's next to nothing on the system that meets my needs. BUT! There are a handful of (non-RPG) games that I would like to check out, so let's have a look at my Xbox One Wish List.

I suppose we should begin at the beginning. The first game announced for Xbone that I actually kind of liked the look of is Sunset Overdrive. The game boasts bright and colorful visuals, and seems to have a grand sense of humor which is a strong focus in the game. It brings back memories of Lollipop Chainsaw in this regard. The commercials for Sunset always had me giggling. I'm not 100% sold on the gameplay, it half reminds me of Jet Set Radio, which is awesome, and half reminds a bit of Mirror's Edge which means I may tire of it rather quickly, but there's only one way to find out!

When Ori and the Blind Forest was released, a handful of people I follow were posting screenshots and videos of it, and I was blown away by how sweet and beautiful it looked. I've been warned it can be a tricky platformer at times, but it comes highly recommended to me regardless. Every now and then, you need a challenging little puzzle/platformer in your life, and Ori is set to be the first I sink my teeth into on Xbone.

Another game that had my eyes after its introduction was ReCore. I like the concept of the game, and look forward to exploring the world and the combat system. I dig the look of the movement and the way you have to kind of strategize as you go, and also the robot companions have their own little personalities and remind me of loyal pets. My worries lay in the busy screen and the incredibly annoying repetition of some sound effects. Also I hear the end kinda sucks... Hopefully these won't ruin the game for me.

I first saw a tiny snippet of Cuphead during Xbox's little promo of indy games at E3 a few years back. Despite its mere seconds of appearance in the video, it caught the attention of me and many others due to its amazing 1930's-style animation. I can't fucking imagine how much work must have gone into making this game, which probably explains why I haven't seen or heard anything of it since. It feels like we've been waiting forever for this game to come out! Nevertheless, I'd really like to have a good long look at Cuphead someday!

Those who recall my love for Bioshock won't be surprised that I'm attracted to We Happy Few. It's painfully obvious that this game pulls a lot of inspiration from Rapture, and that's quite all right with me. The reason being: this game seems to have its own personality, story and concepts despite looking like a Bioshock brother both visually and philosophically. I was sold after the trailer was shown at E3, and if it's half as good as Bioshock, it'll be a win for me for sure.

My 'maybe' file is still surprisingly barren... Quantum Break, perhaps? Unfortunately I haven't heard very good things about the effort from Remedy, but I have yet to play anything else by them (namely, Alan Wake) so I withhold judgement until I have an experience of my own to reference.

And there you have it! Much like the Xbone's list of exclusives, my wish list is short and sweet! The good news is, despite how few games are listed here, I'm really excited to actually play them. None of these are games that I'm buying on principle, I genuinely want to check them out. It's also cool that these are all original I.P.s! Unlike my PS4 wish list, which was largely sequels and series extensions. I love me some Tales games but there's nothing quite like original content. A few more great releases like these, and I'll finally be sold on an Xbox One!


  1. XB1 is my main console this generation, I use it almost every day (though sometimes it's just to watch Netflix). I really liked Sunset Overdrive. I didn't find it very similar to Mirror's Edge, which I got tired of as well. The combat is much better and it feels less on rails (though you are literally riding rails at points). Ori is fantastic, I'm also forward to Cuphead. I'm guessing you're not into Zombies? The Dead Risings are fun, and State of Decay is neat. Rise of the Tomb Raider is great, though I guess not exclusive anymore. Inside is a good puzzler platformer, and Max The Curse of Brotherhood is cute as well.

    1. Yeah, I think I'm all zombied out for the time being. Thanks for the other suggestions!

  2. Great read, Lo. Original content is sorely lacking theses days all around, especially in the theaters. I'm about done with remasters, remakes and sequels.

    1. Thanks, Duke. I've been unsupportive of "re-content" in film for a long time now, and feel similarly towards games, too. We desperately need a boost of originality in entertainment!

  3. What I've seen about these games also intrigues me. Ori looks beautiful, but I've heard you should prepare for a challenge. A developer that takes the time to actually recreate old animation style is pretty astonishing. I'd like to see a game that has the animation style of say, The Fantastic Mr. Fox or Kubo and the Two Strings, and I'd go and buy that system to play that game.