May 19, 2016

Game Binge - Episode Four [PS+ EDITION]

I've been subscribed to PS Plus for a few years now, and while I agree it's a wonderful service for Playstation gamers, you do tend to get a little overwhelmed by free games. I've had a few dozen games just sitting on my hard drive for some time now, and I decided it was time to clear them out. But before I erase and likely forget about them forever, I thought it might be bright to play a few minutes of some and get an idea of which ones I'll devote my full attention to someday. It's been a while since I've done a game binge anyway! Let me know what you think of these PSN titles!

May 12, 2016

The Elite Four: Nostalgic Games

Once again, I'm stealing content from the YouTube sector of the Cartridge Club. This particular topic seems to have stemmed from one of our more recent adoptions, whom we call Musty! The idea is to name your top five nostalgic games - not favorite games, not rare games, no even most fun games - but the games that illicit the strongest memories of days gone by. This list was especially awkward for me to form because it works against everything I am as a gamer. No RPG's and only ONE genesis title?! What's goin' on here?! Let's have a look at my Top 5 Most Nostalgic Games.

May 05, 2016

Kicking Gnomes: Winter 2015

Back in the saddle! Maybe. I'm trying, here, people… go easy on me. I figured I should get y'all up to speed on all the crap I've acquired over the winter months, even though I can't remember them all myself. That's a good sign, right? Lotsa stuff? Ah, who knows.
I have no idea what I've done digitally as of late. I know I perused a fair few PSN sales and perhaps the eShop once or twice, but I don't recall if I bought anything! I've been deliberately trying to avoid digital buys because I find it discourages me from capitalizing on opportunities to buy physical copies, which is what I really want. And I did snag a couple cool things! Have a look:

Fuck you, books are cool.