December 24, 2015

8-Bit Minute: Survival/Horror

I wanted to pound this out real quick for some one-on-one time. It's one of my goals to get some classic "survival/horror" games onto the site next year, but I feel like hearing about these games from my perspective may be entirely underwhelming for you... the reason being: I am - for lack of a better explanation - immune to horror.

I suspect this stems from my childhood; growing up with older siblings meant I was frequently exposed to "inappropriate" subject matter for my age, but having my family's signature "I won't let anything bother me" mantra to live up to, instead of cowering behind a teddy bear or crying as most children would, I insisted on seeing it through and finding logical reasons to not be afraid. Apart from turning me into a hyper-skeptic, this method worked out nicely for me, but alas, I'm left with inability to imagine fearful things.

December 03, 2015

In RETROspect: River City Ransom

For November 2015, the Cartridge Club selected a game I haven't played in a long while. River City Ransom is a 1989 Technos beat 'em up for the NES. I have very vague memories of renting this game, but the only details I really recall are the lead character art, the goofy stat boosts, and the unbelievably dense password system. Upon replay, my first thoughts were "taaaaaaaaaaaacky!"
Nevertheless, RCR remains a fan favorite and popular title among collectors, so it's a shame that I don't have a copy of my own. Instead, I was reduced to purchasing the Virtual Console edition for WiiU, and in hindsight it was probably a good thing because this game can be infuriating! On the WiiU, you can exploit the save state system to avoid losing time, money and progress. I exploited this like children in a sweatshop!

…okay, okay, dark, I know. Sheesh. Anyway, heads up! Because I'm going to disclose some details in here that some may perceive as spoilers.