August 13, 2015

The Elite Four: Video Game Crushes

Ah, summer. A time when I have absolutely no time. You know what that means… more lists! And once again - carrying on a lifelong tradition of stealing from my brothers - I'm hijacking one of the Cartridge Bros. 'Not So Deep Thoughts' topics.

Speaking of the Cartridge Bros…
Yes, P1 and his beautiful lady friend recently got engaged, and you can actually watch the whole thing go down here. I could not be happier for the both of you. Over the years P1 (and P2!) has become like family to me (I genuinely talk to him more than my actual brother) so I'm so stoked you've found such an incredible partner who not only lets you play games, but plays them with you. Cheers, my friend. I look forward to crashing the wedding! ;)

On with the show! Today we're gonna have a look at some gents who get this old lady's gears cranking! Here are my Top 5 Video Game "Crushes".