May 07, 2015

Don't Panic: Happy Anniversary! [CLOSED]

Ho. Lee. Crap. Two years… TWO YEARS we've been doin' this thing where I write shit down and you read it. Yes, May 2015 marks two solid years of blogging for And Then She Games, and now I'm gonna write about it.
In case you missed it in previous blogs, I basically started ATSG as a motivational tool, purely for myself. I really hadn't intended to have other people read or care about it, I just wanted to immortalize my feelings and opinions about games I'd completed so that I could revisit them down the road and compare notes. But then I had a curious idea... I thought I'd join twitter, and use the blog as a sort of shield to help me connect with other gamers. I know women often have a hard time being accepted into male-heavy communities so I thought by referring people to the site, they could get an idea of what kind of gamer I actually am and maybe deter some of the negative stereotypes. The results were overwhelmingly positive. I've made a few great friends, met a ton of awesome gamers and managed to convince a few unsuspecting souls to read through my garbage and tell me what they think. ATSG and twitter have been one of the most happy experiences I've ever had in my life. I really appreciate you people.
For my one year anniversary, I kept it pretty quiet. For a long time I wasn't too sure how committed I was to ATSG so for my one year celebration I simply gifted myself the domain. Some of you may remember when the site officially became; that was my silent gift to myself, to sort of solidify this thing, and promise to myself that I would do the best I could to keep growing it.
For two years however, I'm turning things on you. You guys are the real reason this site has blown up into the high-school-chemistry-class explosion it is and I wanna say thank you. Over the past two years I've grown as a gamer, a blogger and a gaming blogger, and I'm at the point now where I really care what I put on this site because I want you to take something from it, too. But that's not much of a thanks, so I'm beefing this whole thing up a bunch and doing a pretty sizable(?) giveaway.

As I said before, a lot of what made this site the monster it is was my joining twitter, so I will be conducting this giveaway there, because it'll be neat and easy and I'll reach more people that way. If you're one of the few that don't have twitter, I apologize, but this really is the most efficient way. If you don't follow me on twitter, my handle is @nintenlo! Come and join the fun.

There are 4 prizes. I tried to pick things that are both desirable and that also reflect me as a gamer. I'm going to host each prize as a separate commodity so you won't end up winning a prize you're not interested in. You may enter for each of the prizes, but if your name is drawn more than once I'll toss it and pick someone else.

First up is a copy of Splatoon for the WiiU! I've been looking forward to Splatoon since I saw it showcased at E3 and starting planning co-op sessions with my friends. It looks like it's going to be a really colorful, fun, whimsical game and an important staple for the WiiU. Of course I will also be grabbing a copy for myself, but if you're not sure about it or won't be able to buy it right away, this is your chance to get it for free! I've deliberately been avoiding learning too much about this game because I want it to be a fresh experience, and it's been a while since Nintendo has released a new IP with this much hype going in! I'm looking forward to improving my shooting skills and playing online. Nintendo is notorious for producing gorgeous games that aren't broken at release, so one way or another, this should be a good one! This copy is purchased brand new (sealed) in North America and will only work in North American consoles. Worldwide release date is May 29, 2015, so give or take shipping, you'd be getting it within its release week.

But I haven't forgotten about you handheld fiends! The 3DS is one of the most popular systems right now and I never hear the end of it on my timeline. So I thought I'd celebrate with a remake of a game from one of my favorite video game series: The Legend of Zelda. Winner #2 will get a brand new copy of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS! OoT is often regarded as one of the best Zelda titles to date, and for me it's the one that really opened up what a Zelda game can be, it's a lot of fun to get lost in. I actually haven't played this 3D remake, but the visuals and reputation
surrounding it leave me convinced, if you're a Zelda fan, you should probably check this game out. Included with the prize are a Toon Link and Sheik amiibo! I'm pretty sure they can't actually be used with the game, but screw it! Sheik comes from OoT and these would make adorable statues even if you don't play Smash Bros.. This copy is purchased brand new (sealed) in North America and will only work in North American consoles.

Someone out there has got to be thinking, "that's cute, but I already have all the Zelda games..." Well fine then! How about this sweet, game-less Zelda prize pack? Included are this fun Phantom Hourglass metal lunch box, a couple PH mystery capsules, a collector's puzzle depicting Hyrule (sealed), an adorable Link plush toy… and a Toon Link and Sheik amiibo. Because why not? This prize is customized from various things and will ship worldwide to any address that accepts large parcels.

This giveaway is starting to look Nintendo-heavy. I can't help it! When your twitter handle is nintenlo, you've got to live up to the legacy. Not to fear, PS/Xbox fans, I've thought of you, too. I'm also going to be giving away a copy of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Witcher is one of the most impressive series I can name. I barely remember the little of the first game I played on PC, but what I do remember is it being really fun and interesting. Readers will recall that I recently found a copy of the The Witcher 2 for Xbox360, which I'm really happy about! But this third installment looks absolutely astounding. The game is gorgeous and expected to have one of the biggest open worlds in video game history. I know it's gonna be a while for me to get around to it, but you can dive in shortly after release if you win this one! Now about this double console business… I know some people have Xbox One and some have PS4. I'm not sure if there is a clear winner here so I'm just going to let you choose. When you enter, you must specify which console you'd like the game for. Failure to so will result in you getting whichever one I bloody feel like. Worldwide release date is May 19, 2015, so you wouldn't be getting it right away but shortly after.

The giveaway will be open for the ENTIRE remaining MONTH OF MAY. I will select winners out of a hat and post them to twitter on Sunday, May 31 2015 @7:00p.m. EDT, and winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize. So how do you enter? Step one is, as always, read The Rules. Especially the part about giving me your address, region locking and the woes of postal service, because they all apply here.
Then, visit me on twitter, and have a look at my recent photos, or scroll back to the day this blog was published. There will be four tweets with accompanying photos depicting each of the prizes. Read the photocards for the unique entry requirement, then leave me a single tweet in response. That's it! You're in! Then you just have to wait a whole bloody month for the giveaway to close and the winners to be announced. You don't have to favorite or retweet if you don't want to, but I do appreciate you passing the info on to any friends who might be interested. I love meeting new people!
I apologize in advance to my followers who are going to be seeing a LOT of this giveaway for the next month.

So the only thing left to do here is say thank you. Really. Thank you regular readers, commenters, twitterers, promoters, friends and random possibly Russian guy who's only been here one time. Thank you for the constant shout outs on your Youtube channels, podcasts, twitter or anywhere else. Thank you serial retweeters who always make sure their followers know when I've posted something new. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for being open minded. Thank you for being interesting. Thank you for saying hello. Thank you for reading this or any other blog. Thank you for being you. Thank you for supporting, encouraging or even just acknowledging me. And thank you for celebrating with me! This giveaway is costing me a pretty penny (not to mention I want most of this stuff) but for me it is so, so worth it to give back to you after all you've done for me. You are the fucking greatest.

Here's to another year! I'll try to post regularly, keep things interesting, and improve anyway I can.

So, to summarize:
1. The Rules.
2. Takes place between May 07th and May 31st via twitter.
3. Winners will be announced on twitter Sunday, May 31st 2015 at 7:00pm EDT so as not to interfere with Game of Thrones.
4. Winners have 48 hours to claim the prize and provide a valid address.
5. You can enter for every prize once, but can only win one.
6. No matter where you live, you can enter, but be aware of region locking on all Nintendo products.
7. If you have any questions, leave them here or hit me up on twitter. Comments can be left anonymously here and I will provide updates as soon as possible.
8. You're amazing. Thank you!