March 19, 2015

Kicking Gnomes: Winter 2015

While I'm happy to tell winter to kiss my ass goodbye, I have to admit the shitty weather kept me pretty busy in the shopping department. This winter, my Xbox360 collation got quite the workout, and as always I'm ashamed to report most of my pickups otherwise were digital. There were just too many offerings out there for titles that would take me ages to acquire physically, and I wanna play these games, dammit!

So let's start with the green things: I found this really great copy of The Witcher 2, which I figured was a good deal both because it came with the soundtrack and other goodies, but also because The Witcher 3 is creeping closer to release, so I feel good knowing I have its predecessor in my collection.

I also happened across this copy of Perfect Dark Zero for four dollars, so I figured "why the hell not?"
I got a little caught up in all the hype surrounding Far Cry 4 early this year, and began to hate myself for not having Far Cry 3 at home. I know this game has an excellent reputation, so I should really give it a go soon. FC4 convinced me in spite of not playing the others in the series much so I'm excited to check them out!
Again with the cheap deals, I've finally claimed Fable 3 for my own. I've actually played most of this before, from a borrowed copy, and had a ball. I always manage to have a good time playing Fable games so I'm not hurting with this on my shelf.
In the totally random department, I found this copy of Otomedius Excellent kicking around somewhere. I have no idea what it is and I seriously doubt it's akin to Gradius (it claims so on the cover) but I thought it would be fun to just pick up a random game and see what happens. I actually thought about starting a new series on the blog based on finds like this, but I haven't really developed it yet.
I remember coming home one day to find the demo for Blades of Time downloaded on my Xbox. Apparently I have a poltergeist. I never actually played the demo before deleting it for some space but I happened across a super cheap copy recently and had yet another "why not?" moment. Still have no idea what I'm getting into but hell, we'll find out some day.

Stepping away from the Xbox, I finally received a copy of Tales of Legendia in the mail. Slowly but surely completing my Tales collection. You know there's going to be a blog on this one some day. In fact, I've been wondering which Tales game to play next for the blog. Which one is your favorite? Let me know so I can consider it next!
My compulsive shopper, twitter friend Steve posted a picture one day of Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow, and it reminded me that I don't have any of the BD sequels on the DS. Just my luck that I would stumble across one a day or two later, and picked up Blue Dragon Plus. I've only played the original title on 360, and it managed to surprise me, so I'll have to give this some attention.
Lastly, I finally replaced my copy of Final Fantasy IX. I gave away my copy to an ailing friend a while back, and wasn't too sad to part with it since it was in rough shape and I knew it would be easy to replace. I've been itching to replay FF9 recently so I finally jumped in and won this copy in an eBay auction. Happy to welcome it to its new home.

That's it for physical games, but it was "no holds barred" in the digital department. For starters, after an auto-payment debacle I still managed to renew my PS+ subscription. You've no doubt heard me raving about this service before so I'll keep it short this time.
Also in the Playstation file, I bought YS: The Oath in Felghana. YS games are usually a joy just to look at, nevermind play, so I'm happy to have this.
I also picked up Chono Trigger for the PS3 which means, if I'm not mistaken, that I now have it for every platform for which it's been released. Just thought I should sew that up, I guess.
I don't know too much about the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, but my pal Darren did a review on it for his channel, and by god if it's good enough for him, I need to have it, too. Now I do.
And last but not least - and I know this is pathetic considering my feelings for the game - but I finally, finally picked up the DLC for The Last of Us: Left Behind. I know I'm a traitor for waiting this long, I've been meaning to play it for ages now but just kept getting distracted. I will add a sidebar to my TLOU blog once I've blown up this popsicle stand.

My WiiU has been surprisingly busy in the digital department, too. For starters, I finally picked up Shovel Knight. It was on a designated sale and I figured that was as good a reason as any. I've heard many glorious things about this game so my expectations are quite high. I hope it lives up to them!
I think it was also on sale, but I bought Duck Tales Remastered mere moments before PS+ gave it away for free. Oh well, it's a fun game on any platform and I'm happy to have it.
I also made good on the threats I made regarding Trine 2 in my WiiU Binge blog. It's finally mine to play in whole.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that took advantage of Nintendo rereleasing the entire Metroid Prime trilogy on the eShop for $10. Consequently I'm sure I
don't need to tell you about Metroid Prime.
Then of course, there was the announcement regarding the end of Club Nintendo. To celebrate(?) Nintendo put a whole bunch of games up for grabs on the site, and while I had a few coins laying around, there wasn't anything I wanted really badly. So instead, I just got digital copies of Super Metroid and StarFox 64. These are both games that get a lot of love in my home, so I figure having digital editions wouldn't be a bad idea. I can now protect physical copies from nieces and nephews, and experience the games on new hardware. Sort of.

I've acquired a whole bunch of fun new items thanks to my subscription to Arcade Block, some of which are in the photo. Because of this, I haven't spent much time inspecting the toy aisles for any great new things. I did however get something that I thought I'd never bother with:
Yes, I bought one, measly amiibo, and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. I happened across Mega Man, and picked it up mostly based on the fact that I love Mega Man, and thought it would be a nice "statue" to have on a shelf somewhere. I really don't play Smash Bros. much, and haven't played Smash U at all yet, but I reckon if I ever do, Rock's gonna be my guy. So I guess it doesn't hurt to have the accompanying accessory handy.

So that's my haul for this year so far! Let me know what you know/think of these games and which you want to see on the blog! It's officially spring now, so I'm going to go outside. And ride a bike. Or something.


  1. FFIX for the win! Almost picked up a Mega Men amiibo the other day but I could bring myself to do it.

    1. Yes I believe my FF collection is complete again. But that won't last long. Gotta educate these fools.
      I spent a solid 9 minutes trying to decide on Mega Man, but I figure if I change my mind I won't struggle to find him a new home so... there he is.