January 02, 2015

Game Over: 2014

(Sorry it's late. My life doesn't like me making deadlines.)

Happy new year everyone! And thanks for sticking with me for another year. The blog continues to grow and get more interesting, and it's all because of you! I know I'm a pretty microscopic part of the gaming world over here, but I really appreciate you taking the time to pop in once in a while, read or even skim my latest blog, and leave a comment or poll vote when you can. I still get unnaturally excited when I see comments left on my posts, or even when you drop me a line on twitter. Interacting with you guys has been the best part about this whole thing, and the highlight of my year (that's probably pretty sad, but whatever, I love you guys). I can't thank you enough for that. What I can do is pop out another Game Over blog! Just like… two days late.

I feel like 2014 wasn't too terribly exciting overall for games (maybe I'm alone on that?), but that didn't stop the industry from blowing up with news and still popping out a couple of great titles. I'm pretty disappointed in myself this year, I really didn't conquer many games released in 2014 but if you know me, this is expected. I'm always at least a year behind and I've actually managed to acquire a lot of games but just haven't had the time to play them yet. I'm also not exactly thrilled with myself regarding the blog. I feel like it's expanded a lot, and I'm proud of that, but I didn't quite meet all of my goals for the year. Of course, these have now become my goals for next year, so cheers to having another year to slack off! Let's talk games!