December 11, 2014

Game Binge - Episode Three [WiiU Edition]

I've been spending a lot of time getting thoroughly acquainted with my WiiU in the past couple months, and I thought it necessary to reflect these activities in blog format. It's been a long time since I've posted a Game Binge, so I decided I'd just jump in and test drive a whole bunch of games currently available for the console. In the words of Mario, "here we go!"

Well, the menu design is adorable. The game has incredible charm, too. I almost fell in love before even starting the actual campaign. I think W101 would be pretty difficult to navigate without a tutorial. Finding enemies and lining up hits can be difficult, and understanding the different attacks and commands is tricky. I'm sure you get used to all of this when actually playing the game, though. There doesn't appear to be a proper camera at times, which is super annoying. And then there's that thing where you have to hold up the gamepad to look around… ew. Very unnatural-feeling controls due to the use of both screens. Navigation is also a bit weird, sometimes it wouldn't let me move on unless I was lined up just so. Feels like a lot to learn, and based on this introduction alone I don't think I would actually play this game, but I happen to know a bit more about it from friends, so I'll probably borrow a copy to try it out.
Played with both screens.


This game has the cutest story and an amazing setup. The controls are easy to comprehend, but I cant help but wonder if this would make a better DS game? Can be played with old fashion "wiimote", too. Anyway, I have previous Pikmin experience from the other two games, but I think anyone could pick this game up in a matter of minutes. I've really been itching for fun, easy, puzzle-y games lately so I'm more motivated than ever to buy Pikmin 3, although I have to say I'm not thrilled about the price. Really looking forward to diving into this game, though!
Played on gamepad only.
The story is expectedly adorable and hilarious! Extremely familiar game style, even down to the pause sound effect, among others. I'm kind of stoked that it's a side scroller! I love that NSMBU is exactly what you think it is, a classic Mario: same controls, effects, timer, and even secrets! but with a couple of new bad guys and other updates (you get 5 lives now. OoOoh.). I even love the design of the map! I am a little depressed that the run button is on X (scratch that, you can change the control map!), and a bit alarmed by the way things spontaneous appear or change, but that won't stop me. I have also noticed that gaining momentum is more difficult than in the (S)NES titles, which can make jumping a bit of a chore. You're offered more than just story mode: challenges, boost rush, coin battle and general multiplayer are all available! Happy happy joy joy! Definitely beating this game!
Played on gamepad only.


Based on this demo, I'm not impressed. At all. It's straight forward enough and the story appears to be pretty classic, but the design of the levels is confusing and seems to lack the exploration factor that true Sonic platformers have. It feels like all you do is push forward and the game does the rest for you. I'm sure this expands a bit as the game progresses, but this just doesn't inspire my confidence the way the original titles do. Also the voice acting is atrocious. I've also never heard anyone say anything nice about this game ever. No thanks.
Played on gamepad only.
SONIC BOOM Rise of Lyric - 
Still not impressed. It's kind of neat that there's more to do and definitely a lot more exploring - and I will give them some credit for sense of humor - but the characters still lack charm, the controls are sometimes frustrating and I'm pretty sure I encountered a really bad glitch in one level. The music may as well not exist and why can't Knuckles fly?!?! (Fine, "glide". Assholes.)
It breaks my heart that the people of this generation believe that this is what Sega has to offer regarding Sonic the Hedgehog. Please go back and play the Genesis titles, kids. They're not only infinitely more fun, but significantly less… wrong. I don't know. Nintendo + Sonic = no bueno.
I don't even want to remember how I played this.

Does anyone else feel like this is exceptionally low quality? I feel like I made some of the objects in this game decades ago with ancient software. Definitely not used to the dual-screen business; it's cumbersome to keep track of both all the time. Also experienced some short-lived difficulty figuring out looting and such, and the game has no idea what a headshot is. It just shouldn't be this difficult to grasp the basics of a horror game. Other than that, the use of sound effects was good and the game still managed to develop an eerie, suspenseful setting. I kept wondering when I was going to get bombarded. As per genre expectation, exploring was the most fun. Might be fun to play with friends… or drunk?
Played with both screens.

I've been hearing a lot about this branch of Resident Evil lately, but I'd convinced myself that modern RE will never be as great as the first few titles were. I may have been wrong! The game controls rather nicely, all things considered. RE has been a bit defunct in that department in the past. I don't hate the way the game looks, either! I dig the ship setting. Neat monsters… they certainly don't like to die, though. The way they come out of nowhere is certainly spooky and keeps you on your toes; one of the few truly "horror" aspects the game offers. The use of the genesis thingy adds a nice touch to exploring, but gets old real fast. At least it doesn't make use of the gamepad screen, that would have been super annoying! Other than that, y'know, Chris is trouble, find things, puzzle bits, blah blah blah. Feels like a Resident Evil! I accidentally left the menu screen on for a while (distracted by phone) and in that time I decided this game must have a marvelous soundtrack, too. That menu theme is beautiful. I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised by this one. I found myself reluctant but excited to move on. Will have to give it a go some day!
Played on both screens.

TRINE 2 The Directors Cut - 

I went into this one completely blind. I've never played or even really heard of Trine prior to this, so I wasn't too sure what to expect. First thought: catchy, pirate-y tune. Second thought: thank god they read everything to you! I'm such a slow reader… Third thought: bloody gorgeous! Fourth thought: IT'S A SIDE SCROLLER?! Holy awesome, Batman! Fifth: dislike that attacking, blocking, etc. are done by touching the screen. Uncomfortable to manage. Sixth: many characters! In conclusion: I'm so impressed! This game is lovely and I had a lot of fun figuring things out and poking around. Great soundtrack, too. Will be purchasing this and possibly its predecessor. This is why I love picking up random games or demos from time to time. Occasionally, you discover solid gold!
Played on both, but only seems to require one screen.

So basically, you have hunting quests and a time limit to complete them at varying difficulties. I suppose it's a good thing you can figure out most of what you need to know from the game's first screen! Lot's of variation in weapons and characters, too, which really adds to the strategy of the game. Feels weird to be using the D-pad for navigation. There are still a great many things I don't understand about this game, but it seems fairly simple, and I'd be willing to sink some more time into it and figure things out!
Played on both screens.


I actually had the "honor" of testing this out with the old man. He's a fan of the Wii sports games and still practices regularly. Since I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with the original, I'll just add that the game operates a bit differently from its predecessor. Golf now requires the gamepad (on the floor), and you watch it rather than your screen to perfect your shot. We also noticed that the sensitivity during tennis and bowling is much more intense, making it quite a bit harder than before. Regardless, the game is good fun for gamers of all skill levels, and one of the very few games I can play with my pop.
Played with both screens.

So which of these games would you like to see a full blog for? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for my final WiiU blog for the year next week!


  1. Looks like you were busy!

    I loved NSMBU. It was a wonderful way to get acquainted with the Wii U and I couldn't put it down, even if it is another side-scroller Super Mario game. Who cares? They're fun!

    Resident Evil Revelations is my only hope for the future of RE. It's too bad the sequel is skipping Wii U for some mysterious reason.

    Finally, Trine 2! That was the first game I downloaded for my Wii U. Picked it up Christmas 2012. I don't know if you've ever played The Lost Vikings games, but this is a serious throwback to those titles. I hear that the original Trine is coming to Wii U soon, too!

    Great blog as usual, Lo!

  2. I'm so glad you did this, Lo, as I just bought a wii u (for the kids of course) for Christmas and I will utilize all your hard work for my game choices. Thanks!