November 13, 2014

The Elite Four: Sub Bosses

warning: contains spoilers 

Ahh… feels good to tap out another one of these. I've got a mildly unique list for you today: sub bosses! Or mini bosses, or mid bosses or whatever you'd like to call them; today we call attention to all the badasses that weren't the final boss, but remain the highlight battle(s) of the game they belong to. I'm super interested in what sub bosses stand out to you guys, so please drop me a comment with yours! This was a tough list for me to place, so take the rankings with a grain of salt. And without further ado, here are my Top 5 Video Game Sub Bosses.

5. Death Adder (Golden Axe)
Of course she'd bring up Golden Axe. Right from the get-go, the game fools you into believing Death Adder is the culprit behind the wrongdoings in the land, but after tackling this colossal pain, it's revealed that he's merely the daunting minion of the true overlord. Nevertheless, Death Adder is one of the toughest fights in the game, he has a bunch of attacks that you wouldn't expect, and since you're convinced this is the guy to beat, it's a charged battle that you refuse to lose. A fitting foe for my favorite game. Also, the namesake of one of the most memorable tunes from game - whenever his boss music pops up, I want to tear him down all over again!

4. Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X)
I know,  I know, I'm a dork. For anyone who hasn't heard: I have a totally ridiculous crush on
Seymour. He has a terrible (English) voice, stupid hair, and never leaves you the hell alone, but once you get past this, Seymour is actually a really deep, alluring character, and a total badass. In addition to his strength and many reincarnations, he's also responsible for easily the most incredible thing to happen to FFX: Anima. I'll never forget the overwhelming happiness I felt after admiring Anima for playthrough after playthrough and then finally discovering that you can get her for yourself! I'll also never forget calling my friend in hysterics after killing Seymour, to which his response was "which time?"
Anima is also an integral part of Seymour's story, and I love reliving it every time I play. Seymour makes excellent use of this beauty, and he himself is the building block for one of the more impressive story arcs in FFX. An impressive character, and fun to fight. I'd totally take over the world with this bad boy!

3. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)
Psycho Mantis no doubt goes down in history as one of the most memorable battles for all who've played MGS (unspoiled, anyway). That alone makes this guy worthy of this list, but he's a spooky dude to boot. The battle with Psycho Mantis is one of the most unique experiences a gamer can have, and when you take the time to investigate his character, he's a never-ending spiral of interest. His involvement is crucial to the plot, and his antics make for some of the best plot movements in the game. I'll never forget the first time I fought him, and the intense confusion I experienced trying to figure out how he can anticipate my every move, and read my memory card! The revelation on how to beat him is one of the most inexplicable moments in my gaming life. I wish more games - especially at the time - were this innovative in the boss department.

2. Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy V)
Gilgamesh is really one of the most engrossing video game characters I can name. He's an eccentric character, with a compelling story, and the way they weave him into my favorite Final Fantasy game is wonderful. Gilgamesh gets more points for story and character than boss difficulty; in fact, he's more comic relief, really. But he's worth stealing from! He also never shuts up, which makes for some of the best lines in the game. It's also worth noting that Gilgamesh is the first recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series, and makes many appearances both in and outside the fifth installment. I don't want to speak too much about him because uncovering Gilgamesh's story is one of the more rewarding experiences a Final Fantasy fan can have. If you've not looked into this weirdo, I suggest you do!

1. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)
It's difficult for me to put into words just how incredible the story of Silent Hill 2 is, and more importantly, the purpose for the eponymous city and all that's within it. This wonder all culminates in the famous, towering horror that is Pyramid Head. I'm pretty sure most people freak out when they first encounter this unique character, and that's especially curious for myself because the horror genre is a weak one for me; I'm not one of those people who experiences genuine fear when playing a game or watching a film, and in Silent Hill 2, it's really the 'psychological thriller' aspect that sucks me in. But PyHead straddles both of these genres beautifully within this game, and slowly understanding who and why he is, is one of the most fun and memorable gaming experiences I have.
He also makes for one of the greatest cosplays ever. Just sayin'.
(Courtesy of the internet, not me.)

Honorable mention:
Dhoulmagus (Dragon Quest 8) - Dhoulmagus is a character that had an incredible amount of potential, but he ended up just a pawn in an otherwise really great game. I wish he had been developed more.
Goro (Mortal Kombat) - Certainly the most memorable twist in this classic arcade game. When this bugger shows up with his massive size and barely-noticeable second set of arms… he's tough!
Jecht/Braska's Final Aeon (Final Fantasy X) - All throughout the game you hear stories of Jecht, slowly piecing together his incredible story and hilarious character. His relationship with the main character (and others, too!) also make this battle rather powerful, plus he just looks cool. But alas, he's no Seymour!

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  1. Gilgamesh definitely needs more love! He's awesome. This reminds me that I haven't played FFV in so long.

    Great list!