November 27, 2014

In RETROspect: Rocket Knight Adventures

So the masters of the Cartridge Club finally got their shit together and added a Genesis title to the roster, and the game in question for November 2014 was Konami's Rocket Knight Adventures! This is a game I've had in my arsenal for a long time, and I've always enjoyed playing it so I figured this was a great opportunity for another In RETROspect blog!

When I first cracked into the game many, many moons ago, I only recall feeling like it was a classic platformer, which was a game genre I spent a great deal of time with back in the day. It's a quick, fun game with a unique hero leading you on this multi-territorial adventure. And because you're an opossum I don't know when the "o" happened (teehee!), it was just "possum" when I was a kid... there are a few handy gameplay mechanics that you won't see in any other game.
Upon replaying… it's harder than I remember. This particular title emphasizes the need for excellent timing and a great deal of platformer's instinct and frankly, I'm a little rusty. I do have to mention that one area RKA excels in is sound effects! They are phenomenal! There are not many games in which simply deploying a parachute will make you smile. The rest of the soundtrack is pretty tight, too. Not the greatest of the era, but certainly catchy and the upbeat tunes will keep you motivated throughout. And for the record, the game still looks amazing; very sharp, and some of the best 16-bit graphics I've seen.

November 13, 2014

The Elite Four: Sub Bosses

warning: contains spoilers 

Ahh… feels good to tap out another one of these. I've got a mildly unique list for you today: sub bosses! Or mini bosses, or mid bosses or whatever you'd like to call them; today we call attention to all the badasses that weren't the final boss, but remain the highlight battle(s) of the game they belong to. I'm super interested in what sub bosses stand out to you guys, so please drop me a comment with yours! This was a tough list for me to place, so take the rankings with a grain of salt. And without further ado, here are my Top 5 Video Game Sub Bosses.