October 30, 2014

Les Dispositifs Terribles: Playstation Vita

Hey there, sports fans! So I have for you today, a new invention. It's a sort of break down of gaming hardware, and I will try to do one every time I purchase a new system. I've recently acquired a bunch of new systems - and by "new", I mean new for me, not necessarily hot off the press - and it occurred to me that putting my thoughts down into words might be a bright idea. Please understand, THIS IS NOT A REVIEW per se. I don't exactly see the point in "reviewing" hardware because A) I (will) own them all anyway, and B) I would never recommend you do or don't buy a system because of its hardware specifications alone, I would recommend them chiefly based on their game libraries, and which would suit the person best. I'm publishing this so you can see my thoughts and first impressions of the system, and I will try to highlight a few things that stand out or maybe that you weren't aware of, and then perhaps my feelings will help you decide whether you are prepared to make the purchase yourself, if you haven't already. Every time I purchase a system, I always find myself noticing things that I didn't know before I made the purchase, and sometimes I think these are things people would like to know. So here goes…

October 23, 2014

That's A Wrap: Dragon's Crown

warning: may contain spoilers

Well, well, well. Long time no see, gamers! Today I'm back with another article in which you will probably skip all the reading to stare at the pictures: Dragon's Crown! The game is allegedly an action RPG, although it feels more like a classic hack 'n' slash to me. But! it's bloody gorgeous, as per usual for Vanillaware, who also developed-in-part the (recently logged) Muramasa Rebirth, which was also absurdly good-looking. Dragon's Crown is available on PS3 and PSVita, and due to my lack of being home as of late, I chose to experience the adventure on Vita.

I vividly remember the massive hype surrounding DC at the time of its release. Many people seemed to purchase it right away and I saw lots of boobs screen caps and comments on twitter. However, I'm kind of glad that I waited as long as I did to play DC, because I ended up going into it completely blind, with little more than the aforementioned boobs hype for expectations. The first notes I jotted down were, "I can already tell lining up hits is going to take me back to my retro days. Not sure if that's a good thing…" and, after my first hour of play: I'm intrigued. It's fun to play, and a little overwhelming. I know I'll become accustomed to gameplay as I go, but it feels like a lot to soak in.

October 16, 2014

8-Bit Minute: Bayonetta 2

I've been inspired to invent a new blog: 8-Bit Minutes will (hopefully) be short, simple and sweet as their namesake's era. I was motivated to create this after playing the criminally short demo of Bayonetta 2 for the WiiU. I just feel like I have a few things to say, and while I can pretty much assure you there will be a "Wrap" article on Bayo2 in the future, for now, I just want to lay down my first impressions on the game (demo). In the future, these will not necessarily always be based on demos, but just any game or topics that I've acquired an impression of, that warrants more than a few sentences to convey (see "Game Binge"), or perhaps anything in the industry I want to briefly comment on. I promise to keep this as to-the-point as I am able.