July 03, 2014

Kicking Gnomes: Spring 2014

Apparently this was the spring of hardware for me. As such my actual game pickups were few and far between, but now that I'm caught up on consoles (well… almost) I think I can spend the next few months pissing away my money on games again!

First up,
I'm finally the proud owner of Playstation Vita. Because it's about fucking time. Still looking for excellent recommendations; you guys know me by now, what will I like? Of course I have all the PS+ free titles from the last few months, and you can see below what else I've purchased.
I also got a heavy-duty case and two memory cards (not pictured) but what I really want is just a really big, reasonably priced one. Come on, Sony.
My first official game for my Vita was this copy of Mortal Kombat. Haven't really played it yet, but MK is close to my heart so I hope it doesn't suck.

My Sony family grew twice this season! Circumstances put pressure on my PS3, so I purchased a second one to make sure I always have one with me. This time I got the itty bitty, shiny new model which is poised to take much more mobility abuse than its larger, heavier brother. Good stuff! And
thanks again to all who participated in my giveaway!

I also happened across a Sega Dreamcast. It's in rough but working condition, and I've only a few games for it so far - all in VERY rough shape - but I'm happy to welcome it to the family, regardless. Let me know some "must have" Dreamcast games so I have somewhere to start! I never had a ton of experience with it in the past.

I finally, FINALLY, got around to picking up a WiiU. I absolutely hate myself for taking this long, but alas, it is mine now! I got the Wind Waker promo edition, simply because I wanted the paint job. Yeah, sometimes I'm a girl. I look forward to checking out WW in HD though...

I've heard enough horror stories to know that a WiiU Pro Controller is a must, so I didn't waste any time fetching one. I'm already glad that I did.
Of course I picked up a copy of Mario Kart 8, so I could join in on the hype while it's still a thing. I haven't really sunk into a Kart game in a long time - if you recall, I previously mentioned it hardly gets to come out at parties - but this one is gorgeous and pretty fun so far! Hopefully I'll get good enough to take some of you on online! For those of you wondering, I chose New Super Mario Bros. U as my "free game" from the Nintendo promotion. Very kind and wise of them to offer a free game with this one!
While I was picking up my copy of MK8, I had a look at the Wii section (as per habit) and saw this copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns. There is a noticeable absence of DK in my collection, so I'm beginning to rectify that!

Grand Theft Auto 5 - This actually has a slightly funny story attached to it. I found this bad boy in a shop for $20, which I reckon is a steal, and it was the last copy so I had to pick it up. It turns out that just a day or two prior, my brother was in the same shop and picked the second-to-last copy. After trying it out at home, he found the copy was defective, and attempted to exchange it at the store the next day, but alas, the final copy was gone. Of course it was me who purchased that last copy, so I came out on top!😎

Playstation Plus has made a very annoying habit of robbing me all the time. Much to my dismay, digital purchases for PS3 include Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Little Big Planet (my copies are always being circulated, so at least if I have a dig copy, I can't lend it to anyone!), Kingdoms of Amalur (at the recommendation of twitter pal Steven a.k.a. CapMax), Rainbow Moon ('cause lots of people were saying good things), Tokyo Jungle (because why not?), and a bunch of the ol' retro ports: Back to the Future, Castle of Illusion, Jurassic Park, and Spyro the Dragon.
And for Vita, because PS hates me: Persona 4 Golden, Muramasa Rebirth (coming soon!) and Chrono Cross, so I have something to play on my shiny new Vita!

And for your mild entertainment…
Here are some of the silly knick-knacks I've acquired over the last few months. I found these Super Mario Galaxy 2 figurines in "surprise" bags for just a couple-a bucks a piece, so I thought "why not?" and started feeling them up. I've had this deck of Transformers playing cards kicking around for a while, but I just rediscovered them amongst some other junk, so they've been revived. Lastly, I somehow came to be the owner of these Wolverine action figures. I really have no idea why, but what the hell?


  1. Wanting the LoZ theme on the Wii U doesn't make you anything but awesome and appreciative of sweet-looking systems. I for one hope to own that same special edition system one day.

    Wish I could give you some Dreamcast games to play but I only ever played it at demo setups in Sears when I was a kid. Very jealous of your acquisitions.

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