July 31, 2014

That's A Wrap: Bioshock

warning: may contain spoilers

When I first saw the promos and commercials for Bioshock my reaction was, "I don't care what this is, I have to play it." This is a somewhat rare occurrence for me, made even more outstanding by the fact that I learned Bioshock was a first-person shooter, and that didn't deter me at all. Something about that Bobby Darin tune mixed with the violent images of a Big Daddy just had me dying to know more. I feel like I can't emphasize enough how important that is to me... I really don't enjoy many FPSs. Actually, I'm not entirely sure Bioshock deserves the "First-Person Shooter" designation because the game as a whole is truly the antithesis of that genre; there's so much more to this game than killing people and blowing stuff up! It's a story- and character-heavy drama that incorporates aspects of many genres into it and kind of ends up being its own… thing. I've recently tried pitching Bioshock to some friends who don't play many games - and certainly few from days gone by - and in spite of their disinterest, every time I mentioned something like morality, multiple endings, and chemical throwers they seemed to suddenly light up with interest. I feel like Bioshock can appeal to any gamer, and it remains to this day, one of the very few FPSs I will not only give the time of day, but replay again and again. And again.

July 17, 2014

That's A Wrap: Muramasa Rebirth

warning: may contain spoilers

Continuing to bond with my PSVita, I found myself unable to resist the allure of Muramasa Rebirth, a Vita port of the Wii title, Muramasa: The Demon Blade. What attracted me to Muramasa was actually that I didn't really know anything about it! I'm familiar with the word "Muramasa" but that didn't necessarily explain the game. After firing it up for the first time… wow.
The game is comically polite, unbelievably good looking, and feels like it belongs amongst my favorite retro titles in a lot of ways.
The first thing I think anyone would notice about this game, is that it is beautiful; the colors are exquisite and the design is just gorgeous. There are little visual effects in some areas that are so subtle but so effective - they add so much to the atmosphere of each level, which
are hand painted with heavy Asian influence and it's just… fucking beautiful. I really can't describe this game's graphics and do it justice; even the screen caps are not entirely honest.

July 03, 2014

Kicking Gnomes: Spring 2014

Apparently this was the spring of hardware for me. As such my actual game pickups were few and far between, but now that I'm caught up on consoles (well… almost) I think I can spend the next few months pissing away my money on games again!

First up,
I'm finally the proud owner of Playstation Vita. Because it's about fucking time. Still looking for excellent recommendations; you guys know me by now, what will I like? Of course I have all the PS+ free titles from the last few months, and you can see below what else I've purchased.
I also got a heavy-duty case and two memory cards (not pictured) but what I really want is just a really big, reasonably priced one. Come on, Sony.
My first official game for my Vita was this copy of Mortal Kombat. Haven't really played it yet, but MK is close to my heart so I hope it doesn't suck.