December 31, 2013

Game Over: 2013

Apparently I have readers in Bolivia. That's freaking cool. Hello, Bolivians!

This entry is going to be a little on the pathetic side, because I've decided to mostly include only the games that are mentioned within the website, but my hope is that in the coming years my 'Game Over' series will be a better reflection on each year in gaming as well as an accurate summary of my year in gaming which of course includes games from everydamnthing/time.

December 26, 2013

That's A Wrap: Catherine

warning: may contain spoilers 

I've been fortunate lately, that I've been able to gather friends together a number of times for nights of epic gaming sessions. This week's adventure chronicles the most fun I've had torturing men in a long time…

Catherine is a pretty cool game that manages to weave together a puzzle gameplay concept with an intense story. In addition to that, it features some cool arcade elements, and everything is narrated. Even "pause". It's a pretty strange way to go about things but I feel like it works for Catherine. 
I remember having a conversation with a friend shortly after it came out, and discussing how it appeared to be a boring "porn" game. It turns out, this game has a magic ability to make a lot of men really uncomfortable. Especially when they're playing this game with a woman who knows all their wives.😁

Gameplay this time through was handled predominately by myself and and my friend Mike, with a sort of "his hands, my head" approach, as I'm usually pretty good with puzzles, and Mike has a history of beating games in record time. With this plan, we attempted to beat the game (story only) in one session. It took us 15 hours to do so. I'm reminded once again that Catherine is a surprise, a much better game than any of us had expected, and it was a lot of fun to revisit it.

December 19, 2013

Backseat Gamer: Lollipop Chainsaw

warning: may contain spoilers

So this wasn't so much a proper backseat gaming session as it was a collaborative drunken experiment. The first time I saw Lollipop Chainsaw it was clear to me that this was going to be what I consider a mindless hack and slash game with an extra dose of cheese, but everyone seems to insist that the game is a lot of fun, so my pal Brian and I decided to make an experiment of it, since we were overdue for a night of good fun anyway. The experiment was this: take turns playing Lollipop Chainsaw while consuming immense amounts of alcohol.
The result: the game got progressively better as we got more and more inebriated. Surprise. So I'm going to do my best to give you my thoughts on Lollipop Chainsaw, even though it's all a blurry memory*...

First of all, the game is quite pretty! I rather enjoy the comic book motif and the style of graphics during gameplay as well. It's very well done, which is a little surprising considering the genre. The developers obviously put quite a bit of work into the details and it helps boost this game's reputation a bit.
I'm not even sure there was music in this game, but this was likely due to the overdose of laughter in the room at any given time, so I will withhold judgement until further notice.

December 12, 2013

That's A Wrap: Bayonetta

warning: may contain spoilers

Bayonetta is a game I think highly of, but haven't replayed in a really long time. This playthrough reminded me that some games are better appreciated from afar. Nevertheless, I persevered, and finished Bayonetta.

My first impression of Bayo is that it was a sort of girly hack and slash, with a healthy dose of fan service. It's hard to get a good immediate read on it for a number of reasons, the first of which: while you're acquainting yourself with the game, you're concentrating on executing combos and avoiding your enemies and you don't hear a damn thing the guy talking to you says. If you can tune in, or replay the level a bunch of times, you get an introduction to what is actually a really interesting game, with great twists on a lot of popular themes.

The thing that stands out most about Bayo is the concept: a hack and slash game with a lot of femininity; about a witch searching for her past and purpose while interacting with a cast of characters who don't seem to fit the puzzle. The game starts off with a look at religious juxtaposition, and introduces you to some shady characters that turn out to be your friends, so to speak. Joe Pesci... I mean, Enzo, is the first guy you meet and is the driver (literally...?) for the first segment of the game, but is virtually non-existent after that, save for a reprisal at the end. He does however, help you bring back your good friend Rodin, who is a sort of emcee in the game, teaching you things, and selling you stuff, but more on that later.