October 12, 2013

Don't Panic: A Guide To And Then She Games

Included with your purchase is this guide to AndThenSheGames.com and a limited edition attitude problem in the form of one Lo Burton.

I've gotten a lot of feedback regarding content and updates, so I'm going to start adding new content to the website. I've always got a few ideas cooking in the back of my mind, but it's going to be a while before I can really implement them all.

Also, should you have any questions after reading an article, or wish that I'd add something, please say so! Each article I write grows and varies slightly, as I try to cover all the bases and include everything I notice or think of. Feedback is good!

In the meantime, I'm going to provide a quick guide to 'And Then She Games'. If you haven't noticed, all of my article titles have a sort of "classification" preceding the game/subject(s) they discuss. This is my effort to organize my thoughts and deliver them to you in an predictable fashion. So, as I add new content, I'll invent new article types to accommodate it.

Below is a list of the types of content you will find on And Then She Games henceforth:

Don't Panic - ATSG-related news and updates. If you wonder about the name... there's no intelligent answer. It just popped into my head.

Chronicles - Ranking list, usually reserved for a series/topic with multiple entries.

The Elite Four - Ranking list showcasing my "top 5" of a particular subject. The name comes from Pokemon, which culminates in one taking on the four best Pokemon masters in the region, and then a fifth absolute champion.

Tales of Opinia - Opinion pieces. The name comes from the 'Tales of…' series of games, and how they often add '-ia' to the end of a common word.

8-Bit Minute - Shortish commentaries or impressions on (usually) current topics, straight from my head with no extra research or thought.

That's A Wrap - Post-game reflection article.

In RETROspect - Post-game reflection article of a distinctly "retro" game. Often the kind you beat in one sitting.

Minor Distraction - Post-game reflection for games I'm playing passively, and usually on a handheld device.

Out of MP - Discussion showcasing games I simply could not finish. The title reflects upon that moment in many RPGs when you run out of MP and just want to give up.

Backseat Gamer - Discussion of a game I didn't necessarily complete myself but rather shared with someone else.

The Scenic Route - Y'know when your aunt goes on a vacation and then makes you sit through a slideshow of all the pictures she took? This is that.

Game Binge - A first impressions blast; usually includes many titles in one article.

Les Dispositifs Terribles - A detailed look and first impressions of gaming hardware. The name is a complete butchering of "Les Enfants Terribles" from the Metal Gear Solid series.

The E3 Blog - Real-time thoughts on the year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, North America's most prominent video game exhibition.

Kicking Gnomes - Sharing my finds and pickups. The name comes from the classic game Golden Axe, in which you kick or stab thieving gnomes to gain potions for your magic.

Game Over - End of year summary discussing games, news highlights and my picks for Games of the Year.

I will update this list with any newcomers, should I invent them.

About And Then She Games
ATSG was created in 2013 by Lo Burton in an effort to immortalize her experiences with different video games, and motivate her to complete them. Over time, the website evolved to include and cater to the incredible online gaming community. Today, ATSG is a popular independent gaming website providing opinionated - and hopefully fun - content for all who can stomach its terrible sense of humor.
ATSG is not especially biased toward genre, age, developer, etc., though its content obviously reflects the interests of its sole proprietor. As such, you will likely not find PC game-related content on ATSG, but rather that found on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.
Lo continues to play games - old and new - and visit gaming or otherwise nerd-related events, and documents her experiences for the entertainment of others.
ATSG is supported by the site's YouTube channel.

About Lo Burton
Lo Burton is a grumpy old man who likes to stay inside and shoot people on her tv.

Okay, that's not entirely true. My mood is generally effected by the people around me so if you're happy, I'm happy.
I'm probably closer to the elder half of the modern gaming community, but I'm not terribly old. Yet.
I'm a woman.
I don't really like to stay inside all the time, but living in the Northern Hemisphere means I'm more-or-less forced to for a good chunk of the year, so I spend my time consuming entertainment media. When not playing video games I like to watch movies and read real books. Like, the kind made with paper. I don't especially like television (too much commitment for me) but I can't deny there's a lot of good shows. I really love South Park.
Shooting people (real or otherwise) is not really a hobby of mine, but I do enjoy shooting targets with a good bow and arrows. I'm okay with shooting people on tv in certain scenarios... like splicers. Fuck those guys.

When not forced indoors, I enjoy traveling, if only by car or motorcycle. Boats are also acceptable. I like art. And sports. And peanut butter cups. I learned to make websites when I was young (self taught) and I have always enjoyed writing (and was frequently told I was good at it but, looking back, they may have all just been high). I like dogs more than cats. And I'm not afraid of roller coasters!

And despite hating people, I really love people. Ah, you know what I mean, some people suck... but you seem alright! So let's be friends. Drop me a comment and we can laugh together!

If you wish to commission Lo or partner with ATSG, please send a detailed pitch to lo[at]andthenshegames[dot]com.

Visit my favorite online community, the Cartridge Club. Founded by my internet brothers, I've been a part of this group since the beginning and they have proven to be the best pals a gal could ask for!

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