October 28, 2013

Kicking Gnomes: Autumn 2013

Well here's something new. Introducing 'Kicking Gnomes,' a blog where I can share my game and game-related finds and purchases! I'm not yet sure how I'm going to go about this, as I purchase sporadically (I'm not as hardcore as some of you!) and I've not yet thought of a system that guarantees both frequent and full blogs. But for now, here's a blog showing a few things I've picked up over the last month or two!

For the PS3,
I recently caved into purchasing Valkyria Chronicles and The Last of Us. I actually know virtually nothing about VC except that it's got a decent reputation; everyone (including the chap that sold it to me) seems to think it's a really great game. A first impression play leads me to believe it's almost like a video game version of RISK. It's really beautiful and I look forward to playing it.
My pal Simon flew over from England this past week to visit me and some other friends. He had the audacity to show up at my house with a copy of The Last Of Us. This was meant to be a part of another one of my classic "game binges" as I had no intention of playing TLOU so soon. I almost never play new games as my back log is overwhelming, I seldom find the time and frankly, with you folks, it's actually more fun to play them after everyone else. Nevertheless he talked me into playing it "for a few minutes" to get a first impression...

...6 hours later I was somewhere outside Pittsburgh looking for ammo. It could be noted that at this point, everyone had fallen asleep somewhere in my home as I had been hogging the big tv and the PS3 all night. Also it was 7am. Simon had places to be before he caught his flight home and he couldn't leave the game with me (asshole) so I ran out the next day to pick it up. I suppose it stopped being a "first impression" about 5 and half hours earlier, but I'm so hooked on this game. I was so stunned by it that I completely neglected my friends, my phone, twitter and everything else until someone pried the controller from my hands. I'm completely motivated to finish everything else and get back to it as soon as possible. You can count on a proper "Wrap" blog on The Last of Us in the near future.

For the Xbox 360,
I acquired these a while back, but I'll include them here since they're still fairly new residents to the game shelf.

Dishonored is one of those games I've heard very little about except that it's well done. It seems pretty popular among modern-day gamers, and frankly that's what worries me. But I've played the first 10 minutes or so and found it struck my interest, so we'll see what happens. Should give me a chance to practice my stealth skills.

Infinite Undiscovery is a game that came highly recommended to me by my brother. He insists it's an excellent action RPG, and that I'll be willing to overlook the things I typically dislike in action games for the rest that the game has to offer. He speaks really highly of it, and he and I usually feel the same about games, so I'm interested to see what it's all about.

Spectral Force 3 is the first SF title to reach North America, I've played a previous title (not actually sure which one) with a friend who brought his copy with him from Japan a few years back, but I don't really recall anything about it except him struggling to translate it aloud for me. Reviews seem to be lackluster at best, and a lot of people report bugs and inconsistencies. The general reception actually comes as no surprise to me, as I've noticed that Japanese games often don't have a lot of success on Xbox, so I'll give it a go myself. I'm told to expect gameplay similar to Fire Emblem.

And lastly, for the Nintendo DS,

This was a random pickup I made while perusing the game shop. I cant remember exactly what I paid for it but I'm sure it was a good deal as Children of Mana wasn't on my "must have" list at the time of purchase. Nevertheless, the Mana series is typically good fun, so I thought it would be worth checking out. I'm familiar with other games in the series but have never played this one.

So there are a few of my recent pickups. Did you enjoy any of these games? Any pre-game tips for me?  You can probably expect blogs of some kind on most of these games eventually, although I will say that just because I've purchased them now does not mean I'll get around to playing them any time soon. As always, you can always follow me on twitter to see what I'm playing!

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