September 08, 2013

Game Binge - Episode Two

On this episode, we join our heroes in the heat of batt-

Okay, okay so it was just me and S eating muffins and playing video games. We got together again this month for another round of "Let's show Lo a bunch of hack and slash games she'd never think of picking up" fun. I'm afraid it's a rather short list this time, because we got totally caught up in…

Shadows of the Damned - 
Is this game supposed to be a horror or a comedy title? Honestly the thing that appeals to me most - and this is kinda sad - is the overwhelmingly male humor throughout the game. Johnson is a wonderful example of comic relief done right, and his jokes are so fantastically tacky! That, mixed with his British voice acting, is the star of this game. That said, I'm surprised at how entertaining I found SotD. It should come as no surprise (to those of you that follow me) that the gameplay itself does not appeal to me much, but I had a great time watching S play it. There is a lot of fighting.
Approaching it with my "I find nothing scary" outlook means it gets few points for its imagery, but I do appreciate the grotesque-ness of the design and the use of light and dark... and flowers. And strawberries. I was excited when I learned that the soundtrack was done by Akira Yamaoka, of Silent Hill fame, but it fails to live up to his reputation. Regardless, I'm hoping to continue this one some other time, as it's very entertaining. Also I will forever be referring to "the devil" as Fleming.

No More Heroes - 
This is, as far as I'm concerned, another example of classic S-picking-random-games-to-play craziness. The setup is tacky. It's trying to be humorous but it just doesn't really work. The game does make pretty nifty usage of an arcade theme, and the story itself isn't terrible, just terribly executed, I guess. I believe the game was originally published for the Wii, and maybe its gameplay would be a little more fun slash sense-making on the Wii, but one PS3 it's just laborious. I hated having to use a fatal blow every single time. Don't really care to see how it ends.

Ninty-Nine Nights - 
Okay. Who wants to guess how I feel about this one? In case you haven't heard of N3, it's a Lord of the Rings-style war game. That's it, really. Just battle after battle of 30 million opponents versus you and your useless fellowship. After 4 or 5 missions, the game failed to explain anything to me or setup any kind of story at all. Basically Inphyy is a nazi with cool attacks and that's all you need to know. If you're a fan of excessive hack-and-slashery, this is the game for you. Me? I'll stick to my RPGs, thanks.
Also what's with every name in the game having a double letter?

Dishonored - 
I'll be giving this another look soon. The story is intriguing and the gameplay seems to be pretty straightforward. I've heard the missions are rather linear, which could be good or bad, but given the giant-world setting, it may be what sucks me in or turns me off of this game.
It reminds me, at times, of a mix of Fable and Bioshock.
What do you guys think? Will I like Dishonored?

For whatever reason, we decided to revisit Bayonetta. Neither of us had played it since... probably when it came out. It's a lot funnier than I remember! I wish it had better camera control, as the default is pretty terrible, but other than that it feels as good as it did back in the day. I like how the load screen is a practice ground for learning combos and new moves. Good use of otherwise wasted time.
Playing it again, even if only for a short while, gets me excited for the sequel. I'm interested to see how they sort things out.
I'm not going to blabber on about it too much, as I intend to replay it in full in the future, and that will - as always - be followed by a wrap blog where I will include everything! Stay tuned!

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  1. Bayonetta is a fantastic title! We both loved the first one and are very eagerly anticipating the sequel. Maybe we can set up a Miiverse fan-gasm when it launches.

    As always great read, it's very cool that you and your friend get together so often to just mash buttons and have fun.