June 21, 2013

The E3 Blog: 2013

So once again I'm the king of procrastinators with this blog. In my defense, I have massive nails right now and typing is damn near impossible. Anyway... here is my interpretation of this year's E3, just in case anyone cares what I think. Please note, this blog was written before Xbox announced changes to their DRM policies.

That was exciting. Right? General consensus is that 2013 was a good year for E3. There was certainly a massive amount of hype going in, and few surprises coming out...

June 13, 2013

That's A Wrap: FFV & FFVI

warning: may contain spoilers

This is way overdue but...

That's a wrap! May 2013 saw the revisitation and completion of Square's famous 'Final Fantasy V' and 'Final Fantasy VI'! There probably isn't much to say that you don't already know; these are highly popular games among many gamers, but especially RPG enthusiasts. And it's no wonder.
I find, in this day and age, most gamers under a certain age completely overlook the brilliance of the early Final Fantasy games. Everyone I talk to these days seems to have started with either VII, X, or XIII. But I started with the original, when it was FINALLY released to us in North America (thank you Nintendo!) so I've been with the series from the beginning, I've watched it grow into the hideous monster it is today and I've got to say: if you haven't played these games, you're missing out. Straight up.
V and VI have reclaimed my heart. I'll try to express why in this article. Quick disclaimer: I have played and beat every main entry in the Final Fantasy series between I and XII. After that is a touchy subject, but I'll probably do a separate entry about that someday...

June 04, 2013

Game Binge - Episode One

So the beginning of June marks another game binge: essentially, when I get together with any number of people and stay up 'til 4 a.m. playing different video games, often for the first time. And pizza. There has to be pizza. 
This time around, my old friend S came by the game room. S and I have been friends since we were kids, and video games were one of the many things we bonded over. We also used to rent anime tapes and stay up for days watching those (remember when you could RENT tapes?! Remember TAPES?!). Anyway, we used to spend every possible moment together but at some point, life started, and one of us moved far away, and now we're reduced to the occasional weekend of bingeing on games. And pizza. Not-so-much anime.